Christian Music To Run To #1

Running to an all Christian Music playlist can be dangerous. Perhaps it is only dangerous for music listeners like me, but let me tell you, if you add these songs to your running playlist and find yourself tripping over an unseen road hazard due to the fact that, instead of paying attention to what was in front of you, you were busy worshipping, don’t blame me. I’ve warned you. But let’s do this anyway. I am going to list my all time favorite songs that have been staples on my running playlist and then over time I will blog new running favorites songs that are creeping or bursting onto my playlist over the months.

These songs are NOT in any particular order other than alphabetical due to the fact that I went through iTunes alphabetically while I was deciding which were the songs for this list. There are songs on this list that are chosen more for their beat, making a steady rhythm for running (Hills Of Indigo Blue) and others are chosen for their lyrics (these will be the dangerous ones, i.e. Everything). Some were listened to clustered together because it almost seemed as if they were meant to be listened to together (the David Crowder list) and others were listened to at specific times in a run (Tear Down The Walls is 10 minutes long and I always used it during the most difficult part of my runs thus making that 10 minutes seem to fly by). Please let me know your favorites. I would love to add them to my next run!

I hope you enjoy and don’t hurt yourself.

1. City Harmonic- Manifesto

2. David Crowder Band- Do Not Move, Come Awake, You Are My Joy, Our Happy Home, We Win, Rescue Is Coming

3. Future Of Forestry- This Hour, Hills Of Indigo Blue, Slow Your Breath Down

4. Gungor- Let There Be, When Death Dies, Wake Up Sleeper, This Is Not The End

5. Hillsong United- King Of All Days, You Hold Me Now, Tear Down The Walls, Take Heart, Like An Avalanche, Rhythms Of Grace, Bones

6. Jars Of Clay- Shelter, Run In The Night

7. Jimmy Robeson- Heaven Resounds, Light My Way

8. John Mark McMillan- Reckoning Day, Carbon Ribs, Skeleton Bones

9. Kye Kye- Introducing Myself, Trees and Trust

10. Leeland- The Great Awakening, I Can See Your Love, We Will Sing

11. Matt Redman- Wonderful Maker

12. Paul Baloche- Glorious

13. Phil Wickham- True Love, Beautiful, Sun & Moon

14. Tim Hughes- Everything


About sarah macintosh

I am Sarah MacIntosh, formerly the lead singer for a band called Chasing Furies. I am a writer. Some writing has melody some doesn't. Some writing is for myself and some is for others. The songs tend to bubble up inside for quite some time and eventually burst out later with or without a guitar in my hand. Recently there have been towering highs and plummeting lows in my life all which have been carefully guarded by my Savior, Jesus. It is these things that have been written about on scraps of paper, tattered journals, and my faithful mac laptop. These words jotted down have swirled around in my head until they have finally come out of my mouth in melody. Melody and words have joined together and are now being carefully placed and suspended in time on tracks that will eventually be a cd. I will crack the door so that you can see what has been written... here and a a hotel... View all posts by sarah macintosh

24 responses to “Christian Music To Run To #1

  • geoffrey

    “Christian Music To Run To #1 | Sarah Mac” Matchstick Blinds seriously causes
    me personally ponder a small bit further. I personally enjoyed each and every particular part of this blog post.

    Many thanks ,Lela

  • Jenna Hatfield

    Thank you! I’m looking to add more to my list!

  • Bernadette VanDeinse

    I’m adding NEEDTOBREATHE – Keep Your Eyes Open to my list.

    I love everything from the City Harmonic, especially the entire “I Have a Dream” album. It’s not long enough for my long runs, but it’s a good place to start and focus me.

  • Nadia D

    BIG THANKS to everyone for sharing!! Been wondering where to start with compiling a great running playlist 🙂 Now wondering no more!

  • Tricia

    I know they’re old, but Ron Kenoly, Mylon Lefever, some Steven Curtis Chapman and DC Talk are good for running, praising (& yes flying off the treadmil!!)…

  • Vonda Sellers

    If I really want to run I like something with a beat to keep me motivated. Here are some favorites:
    1. FM Static – My Brain Says Stop, But My Heart Says Go
    2. Future of Forestry – Hills of Indigo Blue, Protection
    3. Mandisa – The Definition of Me
    4. Rodrigo y Gabriela – Hanuman (Instrumental)
    5. John Mandeville – He Is
    6. Switchfoot – Stars
    7. Remedy Drive – Stand Up
    8. Plumb – Hang On
    9. Needtobreathe – Don’t Wait for Daylight
    10.House of Heroes – Burn Me Down
    11. Charmaine – Run
    12. Group 1 Crew – Breakdown, Need Your Love, Manipulation, Can’t Go On
    13. Esterlyn – Freedom Is Here
    14. Worth Dying For – Freedom Is Rising
    15. Vota – Be Mine
    16. Flame – Surrender
    17. Lecrae – Far Away,God Is Enough
    18. Tammy Trent – Rain On Me
    19. Superchick – Cross the Line
    20. Sugar & the Hi Lows – See it for Yourself
    21. Robbie Seay Band – Song of Hope
    22. Rebecca St. James – Lean On, All Around Me, Universe, Reborn
    23. Phil Wickham – Hold On
    24. Newsboys – Something Beautiful
    25. Natalie Grant – I Will Not Be Moved
    26. Heart of the City Band – One True God
    27. Gungor – Call Me Out
    28. Fleming & John – A Place Called Love
    29. Fireflight – Desperate
    30. Eleventyseven – Quota & The Best I can
    31. David Crowder Band – almost anything from Church Music & the new CD
    32. Capital Lights – Mile Away
    33. Danyew – Silver Lining

    If I was out for a good walk I’d listen to Jason Gray, Sara Groves, Phil Wickham, Matt Kearney, Audrey Assad, Gungor, Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors, Ellie Holcomb, Josh Garrels, Katie Herzig, Sarah MacIntosh, The Hawk in Paris, Christa Wells & Nicole Witt’s new C, & Elenowen, Daniel Bashta, etc, etc. I’m a music fanatic & quite varied in my tastes. I’m loving the songs Current, Galaxy Former & Hope!

  • Wendy

    Great list. Thank you!

  • Jason

    I would love to leave a VERY LONG list of songs to add….but my top 2 “running artists” are David Crowder and Switchfoot, who didn’t seem to make the cut on your list. They have several great running tracks….and three of my favorites are on Hello Hurricane.

    • sarah macintosh

      I agree with Switchfoot being great to run to. In fact they are on my playlist but I tried to do strictly Christian music only artists. Most people know about the christian bands who are having mainstream success but know less about the christian bands who are working only in the christian market. I am hoping to help those artists be found out so I left out the Switchfoot’s, Paramore’s, Flyleaf’s, POD’s, Civil Wars, Mute Math’s etc of music. Maybe they will be on one of my regular Music to Run To blogs 🙂

  • Traci McGowan

    I had thought about changing my play lists to incorporate more of the Christian music I like, but I was completely terrified of flying off the elliptical in a moment of praise and worship. 🙂

    Great songs though, I think I’m going to realign my lists here…

    Thanks for sharing!!

  • Jim Gray

    Foster the People, M83, The Police, TRON:Legacy Soundtrack, Coldplay

  • bridget swartzlandet

    Where is Current? Love your music. Blessings

  • cas

    so true about christian music and running being hazardous…

    every time i mix worship with endorphins i just get all choked up and my face contorts and i [try not to] cry and then the people driving by me think i’m running to escape the funny farm or an abusive boyfriend or something…

    your last post about your running mix was epic- i’m now addicted to aaron strumpel.

  • NetaBaneta

    I’m a total girl band gal but here’s a few. I love melodic stuff, and these may not be running songs, especially because I don’t run, but I like to drive around to these, and maybe  you might like something here. I’m really into the avalanche song by hill song, and I know it’s been out for a bit, but I’m slow and just discovered how pretty it was.

    Christine Glass- Machine (no longer available cuz I’m old like that I guess)
    Delirious- How Sweet The Name, it’s ok.
    Chillout worship- the sun will rise,come and worship, ( I can drive for hours listening to this album. It will put you to sleep too, which is not good when driving)
    Jesus music- cry, psalm 30
    Sheri young ward- repay
    Celtic prayers and worship- Emmanuel 
    Brett meader band – the crush
    Saving grace- fly away
    The cry- ill find you there
    Andy hunter-angelic
    Luna Halo- complacent ( this album is my hubby’s but I borrowed this song from  it).
    Trevor Davis- affliction from addiction
    Cathedral Of Sound- phase one
    Me- there is only one

    Enough of my excitement and personal genre and probably stuck in the 90’s/early 2000. I am so embarrassed, but honest to say that I NEED to add your gift of music to my driving around list. I love your sweet voice, but i need to get to know your music more, and “actually” purchase it. I just need to get my hubby to help me buy it off of iTunes. I don’t buy to much off the net. And Iv been asking him to buy it for me. I herd one of your songs and knew that you were my kinda style. I love to sing along with my girl bands as well as my five year old daughter. We make a great worship team. I have a taste for all different types of music, but my favorite is melodic, soft, and thoughtful. I still say album because I like the sound of saying album. I like allot of the hill song UK-ish stuff (again especially the girl singers) and the ones we hear at church. Also, I must be old and outta the loop because Iv never herd half of your list, but i will be looking into those because I’m always looking for new music. Thx for sharing, and so sorry for my horrid grammar. And long rambling comment.

  • Matt Boyle

    Hillsong United “Run” “The Stand” “None But Jesus” “Mighty to save” “From the inside out” typically find their way in my ears when I am running/walking.

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