Jimmy Robeson- Heaven Resounds (Album Review)

Let’s just put a few things out there before I get started on this review:

1. I wrote with Jimmy on a few different songs on this album.

2. I sang on a few different tracks on this album

3. My husband recorded the tracks in our studio, yep, in our home for this album.

So I can’t say I will have a total outsiders perspective on this record because Jimmy is a dear friend of ours, who my husband and I have spent numerous moments with, sipping coffee with or eating lunch or dinner with while discussing the things that make up the living of lives. It was during many of these moments that we had our guitars and began garbing the words we discussed with melodies and chords. A few of the songs we wrote went on his cd and then another went onto my new cd (Track #4, Hope, on my new cd called “Current”). So it is with the perspective of the “fly -not necessarily on the wall but more like hanging out in the center of the room” that I will give my thoughts on this new cd, because I was around, frequently hovering near the studio door while tracks were being shaped, or even sometimes just barging right in and planting myself on the couch, whether they wanted me there or not.

At this moment (if I had written this earlier today things probably would’ve been different) I would say that my favorite song on the record is the final track of the album called “Chasing Me,” that Jimmy co-wrote with another talented San Diego musician, Joseph Pfeiffer. There is whimsy in the production that so perfectly pairs with the lyrical content.

“Lord, Your amazing love is chasing me
Surely Your goodness and mercy shall follow me
And in Your house will I dwell all my days
Forever and ever, Amen.”

Next I would have to jump to the second track on the record, “Heaven Resounds.” I had this song on my running playlist for months before the verses were even completely written on it and I can remember pushing uphill with a smile on my face so thrilled to be one of those that are His people.

“All heaven resounds!
Your people cry out!
You have saved us!
You have saved us!”

Yep there has been much fist pumping and “Yaaaaa-ing” with this track.

The last song I want to comment on is a song Jimmy wrote with one of his best friends, you may know him, Phil Wickham. The song is called “Light My Way.” Whatever they were doing when they wrote this song was exactly what they needed to be doing. Once it hits the bridge with the gang vocals “Ohhhh-ing” and Phil adding his passionate vocals you can’t help but lend your voice to Jimmy’s as he sings

“Light my way
Light my way
Light my way!”

Finally, a few nuggets that you shouldn’t miss:

-Yes, that David Crowder sounding acoustic guitar on “Turn To Praise” is actually Mr. Crowder himself.

-Yes, “Sunrise” was written by Jimmy while he was in Spain watching the sun rise.

-Yes, much of the programming is by non other than the uber-talented JT Daly of the band Paper Route (he co-produced my new record because I am such a fan of his).

-Yes my husband, Jonny MacIntosh, perfectly captured Jimmy and his songs in the producing of this cd. Who better to go along on the ride that is making a cd than friends?

Here is where you can buy the cd:

Jimmy Robeson- Heaven Resounds

Take this cd for your next run and then let me know your thoughts 🙂


About sarah macintosh

I am Sarah MacIntosh, formerly the lead singer for a band called Chasing Furies. I am a writer. Some writing has melody some doesn't. Some writing is for myself and some is for others. The songs tend to bubble up inside for quite some time and eventually burst out later with or without a guitar in my hand. Recently there have been towering highs and plummeting lows in my life all which have been carefully guarded by my Savior, Jesus. It is these things that have been written about on scraps of paper, tattered journals, and my faithful mac laptop. These words jotted down have swirled around in my head until they have finally come out of my mouth in melody. Melody and words have joined together and are now being carefully placed and suspended in time on tracks that will eventually be a cd. I will crack the door so that you can see what has been written... here and there...in a plane...in a hotel... View all posts by sarah macintosh

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