The first day my husband and I came to see the new house we’ve moved into I immediately noticed an amazing plant smell throughout the entire house. As the real estate agent walked us through the house I noticed all the windows were open and the smell was blowing in from everywhere. As we left the house I finally asked the agent if he knew, by chance, what plant was giving off the amazing smell but he looked at me strangely and said “ummmm, no.” Well a week later we had decided this was the house we wanted and were doing a final run through with the house owner and there was the smell again. I quickly asked her what it was and she smiled and replied that it was a tree she planted when she bought the house that she found in Hawaii. She lead me to the front yard where this massive tree stood and I delighted in the thoughts of permanent house perfume. Now it is 2 weeks since we moved into this house and although every window is open and a breeze blowing through, I can no longer smell the fragrance of the tree. My silly nose and brain have conspired against me and have decided that they are bored with the smell and have shut it out, no longer acknowledging it. In one part of my brain I keep thinking “come on! smell it! don’t be bored…don’t have your fill…don’t tune it out!” It does’t matter though, I suppose there is too much other “important” stuff for my brain to process than to keep track of something that is always there. So here’s what I do. I go out and stand under the tree. That’s where I can smell it again. I have just done this again while I’ve been writing this blog and a broken off a small bit of it to bring inside and place next to me so I can continue to smell it. It was in realizing this the other day that I also noticed that this is what I do with Christ. I work in ministry, am married to a christian, have a family of many christians, have friends who know the Lord, I hear people talk about Him, sing about Him, and teach about Him. He is blowing through every window of my “house,” yet, sometimes I stop and realize I don’t “smell” Him anymore. I need to remind myself to go back to Him, stand near Him, tilt my head back and breathe Him in. Then find myself clutching the things He reveals to me about Himself and keeping them near me so that I’m constantly smiling at the fragrance of Him that is all around me.


About sarah macintosh

I am Sarah MacIntosh, formerly the lead singer for a band called Chasing Furies. I am a writer. Some writing has melody some doesn't. Some writing is for myself and some is for others. The songs tend to bubble up inside for quite some time and eventually burst out later with or without a guitar in my hand. Recently there have been towering highs and plummeting lows in my life all which have been carefully guarded by my Savior, Jesus. It is these things that have been written about on scraps of paper, tattered journals, and my faithful mac laptop. These words jotted down have swirled around in my head until they have finally come out of my mouth in melody. Melody and words have joined together and are now being carefully placed and suspended in time on tracks that will eventually be a cd. I will crack the door so that you can see what has been written... here and a a hotel... View all posts by sarah macintosh

5 responses to “Fragrance…

  • jonnymac

    the tree is called “Michelia Dolpa” – a variety of Michelia Champacca

  • Hilda Quintanilla

    LUVIT!!! What is the name of the tree???

  • Joel Baglia

    dude- what’s the name of the tree?? great writing, though. Thanks for sharing!

  • Doug Thurston

    Very well put. I am usually very hard on myself regarding Christian living and trying to follow His example.

    I’m often jolted back to reality by interactions with people who disagree with me either religiously or politically or just in everyday interactions.

    I then see what it’s like to be completely without Christ. As poor of an example as I am somteimes, I’m grateful that I didn’t and won’t remain that way and an different from so many other people.

    Thanks for the reminder

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